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Airspace OMS 2008 integrates Google Maps

 New software enhancement

Airspace® 2008 provides easy access to Google maps. This new capability allows easy selection of a site on various map views. Airspace Survey offers the ability to zoom to a proposed site location with one click. Once  the coordinates have been entered on the analysis form open the second level of Report Icons and select the US Map Icon. Airspace will open a browser window and send the coordinates to the Google web.

 What is does

The map point will be identified on the map image by latitude and longitude. Not all areas of the country are detailed down to 0.5 meter resolution.  The images are current and can provide extra information. Using this image, along with images obtained from Airspace Survey, an accurate view of the environment around a proposed site can be accessed. This new feature will allow easy development of the description when submitting an FAA Form 7460-1 to the Federal Aviation Administration.