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Airspace OMS Street Map Feature

 New Feature

Airspace OMS provides easy access to street maps. This new capability allows easy plotting of a site on various map views. Airspace OMS now offers large scale regional views down to the street level.

 How to use it  

Once an analysis is complete or the coordinates are loaded into the analysis module simply select "Map It" from the File Menu. Airspace OMS will even create the image projection interface file so the map can even be used within Airspace Survey. While in Airspace a new point can be selected on the map either by selecting via the mouse or changing the coordinate points. This new feature will allow easy development of the description when submitting an FAA Form 7460-1 to the Federal Aviation Administration. The map will print full page to the desired printer. The maps are created on a remote server and served as a image to Airspace.