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Single Point Analysis

Single Point Analysis
 Our View
Land is only as valuable as the height it will allow. It is vital to companies as well as individuals to know the restrictions on their property before beginning construction and what options they have to increase their height.
 Our Solution
A single point analysis study is an extremely fast way to determine if your project is feasible to construct. If you desire to build up, having our Airspace and TERPS experts on your side protecting your investment is the key to your success. We specialize in it and know how battle the complexities of the aeronautical environment.

Our experts utilize our Airspace Obstacle Analysis and TERPS software to examine your location for every possible objection the FAA, County and City Board might have. Please view to the right all the areas our Airspace and TERPS experts analyze on your site's location. If problems do arise we will develop solutions to get your project approved for construction in as little time as possible.
Full Site Specific Obstacle Analysis
FAA Notice Requirements
FAR Part 77
VFR Traffic Pattern Airspace
Communication Facility Report
Airport/Study Location Image
Instrument Procedure Surface Layers
Airports and Runway Layouts
Geo-coded Aerial Photograph and USGS Topo Map of Site
Navigation Facilities
NOS Obstacles w/in 1 Mile of Site
Preparation of FAA form 7060-1