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Circle Search Analysis

Circle Search Analysis
 Our View 
Local airport imaginary surfaces can affect large land areas and impose height restrictions over property. As communities across the country are continuing grow and demand service. Companies that wish to tap into this expanding customer base need ways to see the aeronautical environment's height restrictions to find the best location(s) that meet their needs.
 Our Solution
Our Airspace and TERPS specialist will take the coordinates where you are considering and construct a search ring up to a 5 nautical mile in radius. All instrument approach procedures and other height limiting surfaces that could potentially affect the area of interest are overlaid on topographic and aerial photographs for easy identification. In our report we highlight which possible locations will allow the heights that are required.

A circle search analysis is one of the best ways to plan without incurring the high cost of purchasing the land and finding out there are several height restrictions affecting the property. Often times locating in a more favorable location can mean be the difference between 25 feet and 200 feet.
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