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Eminent Domain Analysiseminent domain

 Our View
In the past few years eminent domain of "airspace" has become a major issue for locals government and airports in their expansion projects. Landowners need a way to know their past, present and future airspace rights as airports continue to become larger in size to accommodate the growth in aviation.
 What does this mean?
When a property owner wishes to utilize their land and construct a building, they are denied because the locals airport's imaginary surfaces are restricting their height. This loss of height can reduce the overall value of the property or perhaps make the property worthless.
 The next step
Federal Airways & Airspace works with many law firms that wish to give the landowner the height they deserve or be compensated for the air rights that were taken away from them. When we perform a forensic Airspace and TERPS analyze on a subject property, we scrutenize the aeronautical environment using in-house Airspace OMS Advanced software.

The use of this software gives our specialists the ability to review past, present and future airport configurations that is then used to calculate the permitted maximum allowable height over different time periods. In addition, previous FAA rules, regulations and procedure designs can be shown graphically if necessary to prove and validate our case.
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