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 November 2017 Revision

November 2017 -The Federal Aviation Administration's Airports Engineering Division recently published Engineering Brief No. 95 (Draft). This Brief describes additional siting requirements for Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) and other Visual Slope Indicator (VGSI) type facilities. This Brief is based upon the requirement to locate PAPI/VGSI equipment at the location that is off the side of a runway, about 400 feet or so. The Brief states Flight Inspection of the PAPI/BGSI signal is now being checked out to 8 NM for obstacle penetration for commissioning type inspections. Identified penetrations must be mitigated per FAA Order 8200.1Dl Existing objects that penetrate the extended length are typically mitigated with restricted PAPI/VGSI usable distance. The Brief creates another clearance surface called the "Light Signal Clearance Surface (LSCS)". The LSCS has an increased spread of ±14° from runway centerline. Calculation of the limits of the new LSCS is performed within the TERPS® Aeronautical CAD software program. The engineering brief is included with this update under your DOC folder.

It should be noted the FAA's Technical Operation Service uses a software program that does not perform the PAPI/VSGI OCS limits according to the requirements of FAA Order 6850.2B. Their software uses the end of the runway as the reference and not the actual location of the PAPI/VGSI equipment to perform the calculations. Thus, the response given is lower than the actual requirement.

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