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Obstacle Evaluation & Management Software

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Federal Airways & Airspace has committed itself to developing the best obstacle evaluation software to meet the needs of industries needing to comply with the rules and regulations of the FAA and ICAO. When we created our obstacle evaluation applications our goal was to design a system that was easy to use and to provide the most accurate aeronautical data possible to our customers.

We believe that the right business decisions are made when the best data is used. We are very particular about the accuracy of the data used in our own obstacle evaluations and carry this same philosophy into our software applications. Therefore, every 60 days we update the aeronautical data used by the software to maintain our promised commitment to our software users.

The Airspace® OMS Software Suite is our commercially sold obstacle evaluation application which includes Airspace, TERPS Professional and Airspace Survey. Together these three applications provide a complete and thorough aeronautical impact analysis at a specific site location.

 Software Applications
Airspace OMS Suite
Airspace OMS Commercial | Government
  Designed to improve a strategic planning and to find the ideal site location or assess the impact a proposed structure would have on the aeronautical environment.
Airspace Obstacle Analysis Software Airspace 2008
  Quickly and easily evaluate structures (existing or proposed) and determine its impact on the surrounding aeronautical environment.
TERPS Professional Software  TERPS Professional
  Visually seeing the impact a proposed construction project will have on the aeronautical environment is vital. TERPS give you the edge in your decision making process.
Airspace Survey Software  Airspace Survey
  Our GIS program integrates Airspace analysis reports and TERPS surfaces on aerial photographs and USGS topographic maps that are available to download for free.
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