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Private Airports with Procedures

Federal Airways & Airspace Consulting
The Federal Aviation Administration has an "unwritten policy" to protect private airports if the subject airport has an instrument approach procedure. These procedures are also private. The private airport owner pays the Federal Aviation Administration a fee to develop an approach procedure for the owners exclusive use. Once the approach procedure is developed the Federal Aviation Administration "unwritten policy" requires protection of the airport as if the airport were a public airport.

In most cases the approach procedure is non-precision without a final approach fix. If the procedure is a NDB the area under the procedure protected by the Federal Aviation Administration is approximately 35 square nautical miles. As we become aware of these airports we will place their name on the below list and identify them as public for the purposes of Airspace® analysis to protect our clients from this secret list. If you become aware of any additional private airports protected by the FAA please call (321) 777-1266 and we will add the airport to the below list and make changes to your data ASAP.
 Identifier Airport Name State Procedures
 HLB Hillebrand Industries IN NDB
 DRA Desert Rock NV NDB
 06FA William P. Gwinn FL ILS, VOR/DME RWY 09
 MT48 Flying Y MT NDB
 TS07 Dry Creek TX GPS RWY 17, GPS CIRCLING 35