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 Our View
Height restriction is an area that is most often overlooked and can spell disaster for a project's success. These restrictions are considered normally after significant amount of investment capital has been spent purchasing the land and designing the structure. Builders need to implement new planning techniques and find solutions to solve these problems.
 Our Solution
Federal Airways & Airspace has worked with clients all over the world these face these very issues for 22 years. Our Airspace consultants work together with builders, airports, local and federal governments to resolve height restriction issues and reach an agreement. Over the years we have saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars and obtained all the necessary approvals for our clients' projects. Our ultimate goal that we strive to provide is, give our clients the height they deserve while not affecting the air operations at airports.

If you are facing these same issues or are in the planning stages, ask yourself, "Have you received an Airspace® Analysis from Federal Airways & Airspace yet?
We are here to help you
Federal Airways & Airspace understands the intricacies of this complex process, and is here to advise, consult, and plan on your behalf to assure that your investment is protected