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Airspace OMS Government Take control of development impacting airport instrument procedures and air navigation on or off airport property across your state
 Software Description
A powerful analysis software tool that expands Airspace® OMS capabilities. Airspace Government simplifies many tasks the regulator must do for obstacle evaluation. The expanded features include, e-filing of studies to your office for review, batch processing aeronautical studies in minutes, and generate customized determination letters instantly. The capabilities of Airspace Government makes it the best software tool available for obstacle evaluation. Never before has it been as easy to take control of the development impacting airports across the state or on airport property. Airspace Government is the tool to do just that.

Included are TERPS Professional and Airspace Survey to further assist obstacle evaluation.

Airport Impact - analyzes the distance from airports against the rules FAR Part 77.13 requires.
Maximum Height - determine  the maximum allowable height at the specified coordinates.
Air Nav/Comm. Facilities - identifies possible impact of air nav. and air/ground comm. facilities.
FCC AM Radio Station - identifies all AM stations and their directivity within 3 kilometers of site.
Private (non-public) Airport - locates the non-public use airports near your proposed site.
Existing Obstacle - locates existing obstacles near the proposed site.
 Key Benefits
Identifies Public and Private Airport Conflicts
Indicates when TERPS surfaces may be adversely impacted
Provides FAR Part 77 Imaginary Surface Analysis
Indicates possible Electronic Air Navigation Facilities Conflicts
Provides the likely FAA response to proposal construction projects on or near airport property.
Allows state to accept electronic filings for obstruction analysis
Accepts e-filing of proposed structures into the program
Batch-processes filings
Accepts state letter head to be included on determination letters
 Screen Shots
Airspace OMS Government Letter Generation Airspace OMS Government Batch Process Airspace OMS Government Case Search Tool