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Airspace OMS Commercial Take control of development impacting airport instrument procedures, air navigation and airports across your state
 Software Description
Airspace OMS is a power software suite designed analyze site locations and determine the impact a project will have on the surrounding airspace and air navigation environment. This suite will assist the user in evaluation and their final decision regarding height restrictions that affect a particular piece of property. Airspace OMS gives the user the ability to analyze any number of possible locations to find the ideal piece of property that allows the height required for a construction project.

When filing with the FAA the typical time for a determination to be issued is at least a month if not longer. Suppose that piece of property that you've waited for comes back with a hazard restricting the height. You would have to  find new piece of property and do the entire process over again. This method would consume more time than can be acceptable to complete the project.

Airspace OMS does this process for you and gives the determination in minutes. To assist the user the software suite includes: Airspace OAS, TERPS Professional and Airspace Survey.
Airspace 2008 Obstacle Analysis Software
Airspace OAS is designed to calculate the FAR Part 77 then apply it to the property determining the maximum height at that particular location. If the height you specified exceeds the maximum allowed height, the software will notify the user to how much it exceeds by. Another great feature is the report that Airspace OAS generates, it is concise, easy to understand and identifies all issues of concern.

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Terps Professional Intrument Approach Procedure Design Software
TERPS Professional is designed to analyze Airport Terminal Instrument Approach Procedures affecting a property's location. TERPS allows the user to view these surfaces and assess the impact they will have on the property. These imaginary surfaces are often difficult to picture without prior knowledge, however TERPS handles that all and draws the surfaces perfectly. One major benefit is seeing the shape of these surfaces and area they restrict. If the property is located within one or more surfaces the user has the ability analyze another point that is outside and focus their efforts to locating the most ideal location with less restriction or unrestricted height.

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Airspace Survey Airspace and TERPS GIS Software
Airspace Survey is designed to bring together the features of Airspace OAS and TERPS Professional into one GIS package. Airspace Survey fetches for free aerial and/or topographic maps from the USGS website and geo-calibrates the images automatically. It then will overlay TERPS surfaces and Airspace OAS icons onto those images for you. These images are a major asset when going in front of zoning boards to receive required permits for construction or proving your project will not be an impact to air navigation.

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