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Airspace Survey Logo Integrates TERPS surfaces and Airspace report results on aerial photographs and topographic maps
 Software Description
Our GIS software tool is designed to integrate Airspace OMS reports and overlay the TERPS surfaces on aerial, topographic or satellite photographs.  Airspace Survey automatically fetches your site's image for free from the TerraServer website to download, then geo-codes and calibrates the images for you.  Hiring a surveyor is no longer necessary, images made in Airspace Survey are equivalent to a 2-C survey and accepted by the FAA.  A geo-coded image in Airspace Survey can export any number of alternative locations to Airspace OMS to analyze.
 Key Benefits
Downloads aerial, satellite photographs and USGS topographic maps for free
Geo-codes and calibrates images automatically
Geo-coded images are equivalent to a 2-C and accepted as by FAA
Creates a graphical picture of the entire aviation environment surrounding your location.
Integrates Airspace OMS report findings as their symbols
Overlays TERPS surfaces on photograph
Plots TERPS NOS obstacles, airports and runways, and navigation facilities
Exports new study points directly into Airspace OMS for analysis
 Screen Shots
Airspace Survey GIS Image Airspace Survey MDW Airport Airspace Survey Topographic Image