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Software Training
Airspace Obstacle Analysis Software Analyze a project's impact on the surrounding airspace easier and faster than ever before
 Software Description
The Obstruction Evaluation/Airport Airspace Analysis (OE/AAA) of the Federal Aviation Administration, involves many complex equations to determine the potential hazardous effect of proposed construction projects on air navigation, as defined by the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 77.  Yet, with minimal effort Airspace OMS performs the required calculations and generates reports that clearly identify any impact a proposed, constructed, or alteration project may have on navigable airspace.

Each report created by Airspace OMS identifies all the important information that's condensed into an easy to read summary report see screen shots
 Airspace Analysis Reports
Maximum Height - identifies height limitations you may encounter at your location coordinates.
Airport Impact - analyzes the distance from airports against the rules FAR Part 77.13 requires.
Air Navigation/Comm. Facilities - identifies air navigation and air to ground comm. facilities.
FCC AM Radio Station - identifies all AM stations and their directivity within 3 kilometers.
Private (non-public) Airport - locates the non-public use airports near your proposed site.
Existing Obstacles - locates existing obstacles near your proposed site.
 Key Benefits
Identifies Public and Private Airport Conflicts
Indicates when TERPS surfaces may be adversely impacted
Provides FAR Part 77 Imaginary Surface Analysis
Indicates possible Electronic Air Navigation Facilities Conflicts
Provides the likely FAA response to your proposal before you invest
Generates FCC Form 854 (Antenna Registration)
Generates FAA Forms 7460-1 & 7460-2 (Part 1 & Part 2) in minutes
 Screen Shots
Airspace Analysis Page Airspace Facility Report Airspace Airport Report