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Software Training
Terps Professional Intrument Approach Procedure Design Software See the impact a construction project will have on the entire aeronautical environment instantly
 Software Description
TERPS® Professional is a powerful software tool used to analyze airport terminal approach procedures and height restrictions they impose.  TERPS Professional automatically calculates and draws imaginary surfaces for the user to aid in their analysis of possible site locations for a project.  Report results generated in Airspace® OMS can be graphically displayed as their symbols in TERPS Professional.  All graphics generated are exportable to Airspace® Survey.
 Terminal Instrument Approach Calculations
ILS (Instrument Landing Systems)
LOC (Localizers)
VOR (Very High Frequency Omni-Directional Landing Systems)
NDB (Non-Directional Beacon)
MLS (Microwave Landing Systems)
Climb Gradients
Circling Approaches
FAA Form 7460-1, 7460-2 
 Key Benefits
Drag and drop instrument approaches to calculate the height restrictions your site(s).
Integrates reports generated in Airspace OMS and graphically displayed as their symbols.
Military Operations Areas (MOAs) and their height restrictions are displayed on screen.
Create a graphical picture of the entire aviation environment surrounding your location.
Determine the best site location(s) for your project easily.
Find co-location sites, TERPS® Professional identifies (height, ownership, year built).
 Screen Shots
Terminal Instrument Approach Surface - O'Hare Intl TERPS Software - Visual Flight Rules Image TERP Obstacle Information