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Data Maintenance License

 Why you need it  

To solve your problem of maintaining a current data base we provide a data license to our customers. Our Airspace Data Maintenance License will maintain your aeronautical database and software over the covered period (one year). As a subscriber to this service you will receive data updates every two months. These updates will include airport geodetic, category, and status plus runway geodetic and approach type data. Every six months new navigation and communication data will be issued. Added to this already great value will be software patches and fixes. This alone will provide a significant cost savings.

For those that have purchased a site license the value is even better. The complete AIRSPACE Data Maintenance License covers all licensed copies of Airspace at the site license address for a single low fee. If you purchased a single user copy of Airspace OMS and need to use it on more than one machine or on a Local Area Network (LAN) you may upgrade it to a multi-user license. A standard multi-user license authorizes up to four copies of Airspace at a single office. A larger volume can be purchased if needed.

As future patches and fixes of Airspace OMS are released, current software licenses will automatically be covered under the Airspace Data Maintenance License Service.

 What it covers

Our airport and terminal data base contains over 6,500 public use airports and detailed data on over 8,400 runways. In addition our data includes all landing facilities (approximately 18,000 public and private) in the Unites Stated. The facilities data base contains nearly 10,000 air navigation and communication facilities. We also include all 68,000 plus verified and unverified FAA obstacles located in the United States and along the boarder with Canada and Mexico. This data is useful to let you know about alternative sites which may allow locating your proposed facility on an existing site. The obstacle data is identified by type, coordinates, elevation, height, lighting & marking, accuracy standard, and the original FAA aeronautical study number. Our Airspace Data Maintenance License provides you with the additions and changes made to these databases every two months. Maintaining these databases is vital and will ensure your Airspace analysis' reflect the current aeronautical environment.

 Key Benefits

1. Current accurate data will insure accurate construction decisions.

2. All software patches and fixes made to the program will be provided at no additional cost.

3. Existing obstacle data may shorten construction time by co-locating on an existing tower or building.