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 Corporate Press Releases
Letter to FCC About Errors in TowAir
FCC Acknowledges Errors With TowAir Software!
Airspace Utilizes Microsoft's Outlook
TERPS® Professional Compatible with Industry Mapping Software
Airspace Includes FCC AM Station Jump Capability
E-filing Instructions for Ohio DOT
Airspace OMS 2008 integrates Google Maps
Airspace IAP Identification
 Consulting Services
Airspace and TERPS Consulting Home
Airspace and TERPS Consulting (single point)
Airspace and TERPS Consulting (multiple points)
Airspace and TERPS Consulting (wind turbine)
Circle Search and Property Search Analysis
Heliport and Helistop Design
Eminent Domain Forensic Analysis
 Consulting Estimate Request
Single Point Analysis Estimate
Multiple Point / Building Analysis Estimate
Wind Turbine Feasibility Estimate
Circle Search / Property Search Estimate
IAP/PANS-OPs Design Consultation Request
Heliport / Helistop Design Consultation Request
Eminent Domain Forensic Analysis Consultation Request
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Obstacle Evaluation Software
Airspace OMS Suite (Civilian Version)
Airspace 2008
TERPS Professional
Airspace Survey
Airspace OMS Suite (Government Version)
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 General Resources
Aviation Acronyms
VFR Definitions
Private Airports with Procedures
Filing Requirements for State DOTs
 FAA Obstruction Standards
FAR Part 77.23 - Standards for Determining Obstructions
FAR Part 77.23(a)(2) - Obstruction Standards
FAR Part 77.25(a-e) - Civil Airport Imaginary Surfaces
 FAA Publications
IFR Departure surface (40:1) and Climb Gradient
TERPS Departure Criteria
New VFR Criteria
FAA Order 7400.2 - New criteria for obstacle analysis for Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Airports
Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude (MOCA)
VFR Traffic Pattern
FAA publication for HEMES
Letter to FCC about errors in TowAir
Light Outage Reporting
 Software How-To's
Airspace Analysis Report - Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Traffic Pattern
Airspace OMS Elevation Tool
Airspace Survey Elevation Tool
Airspace OMS Utility Tools
Airspace Street Map Layer Feature
Analyze Microwave Landing Systems with TERPS Professional
Calculate Barometric Vertical Navigation (VNAV) Instrument Procedures
Calculate TERPS Visual Segment
Utilize World File Coordinates Airspace Survey
Working with the Line Slope Tool
 State Filing Forms
Kentucky Airspace Obstruction Form
Pennsylvania DOT Construction Form
Florida DOT Obstruction Form
Florida DOT Obstruction Information