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   Farmingdale NJ, Telecommunications Tower

Solutions for a telecommunications company

A communications and tower company was planning to construct a tower located 3.5 miles away from Monmouth Executive Airport and received a " Presumed Hazard" from the FAA. The FAA stated the maximum allowed height was 1-foot above ground based on the planned LNAV procedure and the final approach fix into Monmouth Executive Airport.

The telecommunications company contracted with Federal Airways & Airspace to determine what their available options were to achieve the full height of the tower at the proposed location. Our Airspace specialists conducted their analysis of the tower's height, location and the local aeronautical environment. In addition, the FAA's initial objections were reviewed for accuracy.

Through the course of the investigation it was discovered that an existing tower as already located in the planned LNAV procedure area which had been reviewed and approved by the FAA but not recorded in their obstacle database. Our specialists showed in their report and presentation to the FAA that the existing tower would prevent the planned LNAV procedure from achieving the minimums stated by the FAA. It was also discovered that another tower was constructed that would also affect the current final approach fix to the airport. We presented our comments and findings to the FAA for their review.

The FAA reviewed our claims and agreed to re-evaluate the site that took into account the newly discovered obstacles. After their review, the FAA reversed their initial findings and issued a “No Hazard” determination on the project. Once the determination was finalized our client was able to build to the full height needed for a profitable communications tower.


Obstacle Evaluation

Analysis to Airspace impact at Monmouth Executive Airport

TERPS impact to Monmouth Executive Airport

FAR Part 77

LNAV instrument approach construction