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Solutions for a commercial developer

A commercial developer's proposed mixed use construction project received a "Presumed Hazard" determination from FAA. This determination that stated that the proposed construction project's overall height would penetrate LaGuardia's climb gradient and be a hazard to air navigation.

Federal Airways & Airspace's specialists evaluated the client's project and assessed its impact on LaGuardia's airport surfaces. Our specialists discovered that the departure rules stated in the FAA's initial determination were not applied at the end of the runway. Once we applied the climb gradient correctly the project's height did not penetrate this surface. We presented our comments and findings to the FAA for their review. The FAA agreed with our findings, reversed the initial determination and issued a "No Hazard" determination. The developer was then able to construct to the full height needed for their project.


Obstacle Evaluation

Analysis to Airspace impact at LaGuardia International Airport.

TERPS impact to LaGuardia International Airport.

FAR Part 77

Analysis of LGA Climb Gradient