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   Washington, Tacoma Narrows Transmission Lines

Solutions for a commercial developer

The FAA issued “Presumed Hazard” determinations on the construction of two 500 ft high transmission towers and the power line cables that were located approximately1.5 miles away from the closest airport, Tacoma Narrows. Our Airspace specialists reviewed the FAA's initial determination and investigated the height restricting surfaces present in the local aeronautical environment.

Federal Airways & Airspace concluded that the FAA's initial analysis used both the left and right side traffic patterns at Tacoma Narrows which was incorrect. Our investigation revealed that Tacoma Narrows only had right side traffic patterns which kept all aircraft movement to the west side of the airport. As a result, it was determined that the proposed transmission towers would not penetrate the traffic pattern or be a hazard to air navigation. Federal Airways & Airspace submitted these findings and arguments to the FAA for their review. The FAA agreed with our findings, reversed the initial determination and ultimately issued a "No Hazard" determinations. As a result, our client received approval to construct their project to the full height.


Obstacle Evaluation

Analysis to Airspace impact at Tacoma Narrows Airport.

TERPS impact to Tacoma Narrows Airport.

FAR Part 77