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  Las Vegas, Tropicana Blvd

Solutions for a commercial developer

A client purchased a large piece of property on Tropicana Blvd to construct several 500-foot tall buildings on the end of 19R at Las Vegas International and received a "Presumed Hazard" from the FAA.  We analyzed the mathematics the FAA was applying and discovered several existing and planned structures that were not being considered in their analysis.  We presented our arguments before members of the FAA in Washington, DC.

After our presentation, the FAA agreed to review this project again taking into account the existing and planned obstacles in the airport environment.  Under much review, the project did received higher heights than originally requested. Las Vegas Intl. objected to the FAA's approval and filed a petition against our client. We reargued the facts covered in the initial analysis, the FAA agreed that the original determination by their regional division was correct and overturned the airports objection.  Without us this project would not have been approved, resulting in a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.


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