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   Waco TX, Communication Tower

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A telecommunications provider was issued a “Presumed Hazard” determination from the FAA which stated their proposed tower would penetrate Bridgeport Municipal's approach procedure and be a hazard to air navigation. The tower company came to us and asked if there was a case for them to overturn the FAA's initial determination. We analyzed the area and discovered two existing power lines that the FAA was unaware of and also penetrated the approach procedure to the airport. We presented our comments and findings to the FAA.

The FAA reviewed our claims and agreed to re-evaluate the site that took into account the newly discovered obstacles. After the FAA review, they reversed their initial determination and issued a “No Hazard” determination. Once the determination was finalized our client was able to build to the full height needed for a profitable communications tower.


Obstacle Evaluation

Analysis to Airspace impact at Bridgeport Municipal Airport

TERPS impact to Bridgeport Municipal Airport

FAR Part 77

Approach Procedure Analysis