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   Waco TX, Transmission Line Project

Solutions for Transmission and Distribution Companies

An engineering company was constructing a large power line run near Waco Regional Airport. The project was filed with the FAA and was issued an initial determination of "Presumed Hazard". The engineering company contracted with Federal Airways & Airspace to find all available options that would allow for the full heights of the transmission towers to be achieved.

Our airspace specialists reviewed the tower heights, project location and the local aeronautical environment. In addition, the FAA's initial objections were then reviewed for accuracy. The results of this investigation found that the surrounding topography already penetrated the 40:1 departure slope at the airport and the main objection the FAA had to the construction project. We presented our findings to the client and recommended that their power line configuration be slightly modified to take advantages of the higher ground elevation that could shield the towers from impacting the airport surfaces.

The next step was to re-file the modified site locations and present our arguments to the FAA. The FAA agreed with our investigation and issued new "No Hazard" determinations. Once the determinations were finalized, the client received their approval and was able to construct to their towers' full heights.


Obstacle Evaluation

Analysis to airspace impact at Waco Regional Airport

TERPS investigation to 40:1 departure surface at Waco Regional Airport

FAR Part 77