Airspace® and TERPS® 2022 Updates, Quarter 1

Its hard to believe a new year has arrived. The year 2021 was a difficult, to say the least. We hope all of our customers made it through without suffering to much from COVID. Here’s to a better New Year.

Much work has been done of our web based version of Airspace, which will include Rural Tower Analysis and will issue Certificates of Compliance or Exception. This is scheduled to be released the first Quarter of 2022.


Updates related to:

  • Airspace® and TERPS® software
  • FAA updates to relevant Orders, Advisory Circulars, Engineering Briefs, etc.
  • Industry related topics

If you have any questions or concerns, please give our office a call at (321) 777-1266, or send us an email,, we would be happy to assist you.