Heliport Design

Aerial view of city with heliport landing area identified on top of building

FA&A has several options designed to assist in the establishment or alteration of a heliport or helistop. Our level of involvement with the establishment or alteration of a heliport or helistop ranges from completion of documents as required by the FAA to the design of the heliport/helistop itself. Listed below are the different options FA&A offers for heliport/helistop services.

Application Package

FA&A works with the client to obtain all necessary information for FAA Form 7480-1 Notice for Construction, Alteration, and Deactivation of Airports. FAA Form 7480-1 requires additional documents to be provided (such as the identification of obstacles, identification of nearby landing facilities, etc.). These documents are gathered or created by the FAA to include in the application packet and submitted to the FAA. Discussions with the FAA are conducted as necessary.

Application and Design Package

FA&A designs the heliport/helistop to the standards described by the latest version of Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5390-2 Heliport Design utilizing specifications provided by the client. FA&A will first assist the client in determining the type of heliport use, if applicable, either public or private use. The design includes dimensions and minimum load requirements of TLOF, FATO, and safety area, approach/departure path(s), equipment as required/specified, etc. Once designed, FA&A completes the application packet and submits the request to the FAA. Discussions with the FAA are conducted as necessary.

Prototype Instrument Approach Procedure

The FAA protects FAR Part 77 to instrument approach procedures, regardless if they are associated with a private or public use landing facility. FA&A has the necessary tools to create a prototype design of non-precision LNAV (GPS) approach and missed approach for a heliport facility. Prototype procedure will require FAA design approval and flight check. Additional equipment such as VGSI, UNICOM, AWOS can be added as requested.

Want to test alternative AGL heights? No problem. All map layers are dynamically generated and can easily be reproduced at different target heights within 28 days of the completed project.

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Required Information for quote creation:

  1. Desired package selection or discussion of goals.
  2. Design helicopter – helicopter make and model for use in heliport design (if applicable)
  3. Site location, current ground elevation/elevation (if rooftop heliport), and proposed ground elevation/elevation (if rooftop heliport) if different from the current.
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