Airspace Enterprise APIWeb Service

Airspace Enterprise API is a hosted REST web service to provide on-demand access of Airspace for compliance with the FAA’s Title 14 CFR Part 77. The API was designed to be software independent thereby allowing other systems to consume these services and leverage automation efficiency.

  • Centralized: Software is centrally located and hosted.
  • Always Current: Aeronautical data is hosted and updates are managed by FA&A on a 56-day cycle period.
  • Efficient: A full notice and obstruction analysis including the aeronautical audit record can be performed in less than 3 seconds.
  • Back-up: Each request transaction is recorded and archived as a backup repository.
  • Secured: An authenticated token is required for any request to the web services to prevent unauthorized access.


How to accurately determine FAA notice requirements without being subjected to excessive regulatory burdens, construction delays and while enhancing efficiency through automation?

Solution for Compliance

Airspace Enterprise API web services provide an accurate and complete analysis of a structure for compliance with Title 14 CFR Part 77 notice and obstruction criteria.


  1. Excessive notice requirements are eliminated by discontinuing the use of NCT.
  2. Delays in obtaining approval are reduced by avoiding the unnecessary filing of structures with the FAA.
  3. Accurate height limits are now able to be obtained in a structured format.
  4. A complete audit record of aeronautical data used in an analysis is provided with each response.
  5. Web service can be consumed by other systems or used during automation processes.
  6. Integrates with Osmose’s O-Calc Pro
  7. Integrates with Airspace OMS

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