Multiple Point Analysis (Wind Farm)

A multiple point analysis builds upon the single point analysis and compiles the results into a robust report. It is commonly used for projects involving wind turbines and their associated property boundaries. It is an effective and cost-efficient way to determine if the parameters of a project are realistic. Our team of extensively trained Airspace Specialists and Technicians utilize Airspace® and TERPS® to analyze and interpret the aeronautical environment surrounding your project. The resulting comprehensive report gives valuable information such as the maximum allowable height over the subject property or potential limiting factors that may impact the project.

Our Airspace® and TERPS® experts will analyze your project’s location for every possible objection the FAA, County (if applicable) or City Board (if applicable) may present.

Due to their height, location and the typical volume of turbines within a wind farm, the analysis requires a special focus on Radar, Military Training Routes (MTRs) and Military Operations Areas (MOAs).

In addition to analyzing the aeronautical environment to outline any potential height limitations, we can review the proposed layout type and spacing to determine the most effective lighting scheme for the wind farm.

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