Single Point Analysis

cell tower in wooded area

A single-point analysis is an effective and cost-efficient way to determine if your project is achievable to construct. Our team of extensively trained Airspace Specialists and Technicians utilize Airspace® and TERPS® to analyze and interpret the aviation surfaces present over or near your project. The resulting report gives valuable information and can tell you the maximum allowable height or if there are limiting factors that would impact your project.

Our Airspace® and TERPS® experts will analyze your project’s location for every possible objection the FAA, County (if applicable) or City Board (if applicable) may present.

Regardless if you have previously purchased the property and have run into trouble with the FAA, our team will still be able to analyze and provide recommendations on your location. With your authorization, we negotiate on your behalf with the FAA and work to appeal their determination if we determine a higher height is possible at your location.

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