Airspace & TERPS Training

Course Overview

We offer very thorough Airspace and TERPS training classes explaining how the FAA conducts obstacle evaluation by applying the rules of FAR Part 77 on your site. Our classes put the student in real scenarios to learn how to analyze Instrument Approach Procedures and imaginary surfaces surrounding airports.

Students learn on the latest software, Airspace OMS and TERPS Professional, to draw and identify airport instrument approach procedure surfaces and interpret Airspace analysis site data. Our classes make understanding the horizontal, conical, transitional and obstacle surfaces will no longer be a mystery. Learn how to reverse engineer instrument Instrument Approach Procedures developed by the FAA to determine additional restrictions or possible exceptions to their rules. Once you have completed our Airspace and TERPS class you will know your height limitations, and be able to file and build accordingly with confidence.


  • FAA Rules & Regulations (Title 14 CFR Part 77)
    • FAA Form 7460-1, 7460-2
  • FAA Processing of Aeronautical Studies
    • FAA Public Circularization and Extended Study Process
  • Airspace® OMS Software (Airspace® & TERPS®)
  • Interpreting Airspace® Analysis Reports & Results
  • Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs) & Departure Procedures (DPs)
  • Airport Imaginary Surfaces
  • Drawing IAPs in TERPS®
  • Analyzing Impact of Proposed Structures on IAPs & DPs
  • Case Studies
  • Export User Created surfaces from TERPS® to Google Earth

Classes Offered

3-day seminar

Location: Federal Airways & Airspace in Satellite Beach, FL
Class Size: 1 to 6 students
Cost: $1750/student plus all travel expenses.

5-day seminar

Location: Federal Airways & Airspace in Satellite Beach, FL
Class Size: 1 to 6 students
Cost: $2500/ students plus all travel expenses.
Seminar consists of 2 ½ days of training covering all Topics from the 3-Day Seminar, followed by 2 ½ days of hands on case studies that are hand selected by FA&A and/or provided by the students.


Location: Web-based training
Class Size: 1 to 20 students
Cost: Dependent on topics requested, class size, and length of webinar
Topics: Webinars can be requested by contacting us directly at 321-777-1266. The Topics covered and length of the webinar will be at your discretion. This training is intended for advanced users of the software seeking further training on specific topics. We do not offer our 3- or 5-day seminars via Webinar.

Enrollment Information

Please contact Federal Airways & Airspace via email or Phone +1 (321) 777-1266 to request a training enrollment form.

Note: Seminars are filled early and seating is confirmed in the order in which enrollments arrive. 

Terms and Conditions

You may cancel your reservation up to one week prior to start of class and receive a full refund of the tuition fee. However, a $50 nonrefundable administrative fee will apply. Enrollees who fail to attend without properly canceling will be liable for the total fee. Substitutions will be accepted.

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