Airspace® and TERPS® 2022 Updates, Quarter 2

The routine for obtaining the site elevation (NAVD 88) will change by the end of the year according to USGS. It is being replaced with more accurate data. The existing data source was obtained from the Space Ship Columbia in Year 2000. The elevation data from the planet was obtained from radar images of the ground. USGS has not updated this data set for the last four years. The replacement data set is obtained from aircraft LiDAR imaging. We believe the new data can reach the accuracy of one meter. In some places, the original Columbia data differs from the new method by as much as 40 feet. We are hesitant to implement this new elevation source until the FAA is on board with the new method. Many users rely on the data obtained from USGS. If we adopt it prior to the FAA implementation, there is likely to be conflict between the two data sets. If the FAA uses the less accurate data to verify the elevation submitted with the 7460-1 form and our users apply the more accurate data, disagreements are likely. We will be releasing a new version of TERPS software which will use both methods in the coming months.


Updates related to:

  • Airspace® and TERPS® software
  • FAA updates to relevant Orders, Advisory Circulars, Engineering Briefs, etc.
  • Industry related topics

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