May 2010 News

FAA’s Aeronautical Charting Forum – Federal Airways and Airspace attended the FAA’s Aeronautical Charting Forum (ACF), held at the ALPA Office in Herndon, VA. The ACF included meetings of the Instrument Procedures Group and Charting Group. The future direction of IAPs and instrument procedure charts was discussed. All FAA (NACO) published charts will soon change. The main change will be chart format. All information currently on the charts will be relocated to elsewhere on the same chart. In addition, provisions are being made to permit non-precision approaches to work with a constant descent angle. In June, the FAA will begin to evaluate RNAV LNAV/VNAC procedures in accordance with FAA Order 8260-54A, as its new software is now available. TERPS® has included FAA Order 8260-54A for approximately 2 years.

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