November 2016 News

Class canceled – Unfortunately, it was necessary to cancel the Airspace® class scheduled for October 2016 due to Hurricane Matthew. We were very fortunate, our office suffered no damage. As luck would have it for us here on the Space Coast, the Gulf Stream pushed Hurricane Matthew about 5 miles or so to the east and kept the high speed winds offshore near Cape Canaveral. We have rescheduled the class for January 16-20, 2017.

FAA update – For those that do not know, the FAA has issued an update their Joint Order 8260.3 TERPS manual. The new version is called 8260.3C. One of the changes is a reduction in the width of the visual segment of the final approach. Since 1999 the width of the visual segment at the closest point to the runway it was ±200 ft either side of the centerline for Category A/B aircraft and ±400 ft either side of the runway centerline extended for Category C/D aircraft. The Visual Segment initial with is now ±200 ft either side of centerline for all categories of aircraft and it extends to The Visual Descent Point.