FCC AM StationFCC AM Station: Proof-of-Performance

This version of Airspace includes all previous features but has been updated to include an intelligent jump to the FCC’s AM Station Query Page. Federal Communications Commission

A new icon can be found on the toolbar of the Airspace Analysis Module in Airspace.

Once you have entered or loaded the coordinates into the analysis form, you can select this icon, your browser (Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) will load passing the correct parameters of your construction site to the FCC query form, and display AM radio stations within 10 km of your location. You must have an active connection to the web for this to work correctly.

The FCC query engine does not sort the data like Airspace® so you will have to look through the complete list. This will ensure you have the latest information on AM radio stations within 10 km of your site. If the data matches the AM Station report from your Airspace® Analysis you will then be assured the “proof-of-performance” requirements is valid. While we update the AM station data on a regular basis, occasionally changes are made by the FCC in between updates (such as call sign when a station is sold).

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