State DOT Links and Notice Requirements

StateDOT LinksState Notice RequiredWhat to SendState Approval RequiredAdditional Information
ALDepartment of TransportationYesCopy of 7460Yes
AKDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
AZDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
ARHighway and Transportation Department (AHTD)YesLocal zoning boardYes65:1 approach to 7NM, 2500' out above 100'AGL side
CADepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
PATH: Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways
Division of Traffic Operations
Division of Rail and Mass Transportation Program
CODepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
CTDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
DEDepartment of TransportationYesCopy of 7460Yes
D.C.Department of TransportationN/AN/AN/A
FLDepartment of TransportationYesFAA sends 7460-1 & Send State formYes - if DNE
No - if NNR
w/in 10 nm of public use, FAA + 45 days
Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
GADepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
HIDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization
IDIdaho Transportation DeptYesCopy of 7460Yes
ILDepartment of TransportationYescover letter and 7460-1Yes
State Government Agencies
INDepartment of TransportationNoFAA sends copy to themNo
IADepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
KSDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
KYTransportation CabinetYesSend 7460-1 & State Form (TC56-50)YesInclude map showing location of proposed site. Once you receive FAA determination letter, please mail, fax, or email KYDOT a copy.
LADepartment of Transportation & DevelopmentNoFAA sends copyNo
MADepartment of TransportationYesState formYesWithin 2 NM, 20:1surfaces/ARP, requires permit
Highway Division
MDDepartment of TransportationYescopy of 7460-1 and mapYes
State Highway Administration
MEDepartment of TransportationYescopy of 7460-1 and mapYes
MIDepartment of TransportationYesFAA sends copyYes50:1 conical, any penetration is Hazard
MNDepartment of TransportationYes7460-1Yes77.9 and all subparts + IFR
MODepartment of TransportationNoNothingNoWorking on enforcement legislation only
MSDepartment of TransportationNoFAA sends copy onlyNoLegislation in works
MTDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
NCDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
NDDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
NENebraska Department of RoadsNoNothingNo
NHDepartment of TransportationYesRequest copy only not requiredYes
NJDepartment of TransportationYesState FormYesState requirements less than FAA Hazard.
Port Authority of NY& NJ
NMHighway and Transportation Dept.NoNothingNo
NVDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
NYNew York State Department of TransportationNoNothingNo
NY Metro Transportation Council
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Thruway Authority, New York State
OHDepartment of TransportationYesTwo copies of 7460-1 to state Yes
OKDepartment of TransportationYescover letter and 7460-1Yes77.9, 77.17, 77.19 and all subparts
ORDepartment of TransportationYesCopy 7460-1 packageYes77.9 includes all subparts
Oregon Dept of Aviation, Physical Hazards to Air Navigation
PADepartment of TransportationYesState FormYes
PRDepartment of Transportation and Public WorksNoNothingNo
RIDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
SCDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
SDDepartment of TransportationNoState FormNo
TNDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
Johnson City MPO
TXDepartment of TransportationNonot unless on airport propertyNo
Center for Transportation Research
Texas Transportation Institute
UTDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
VADepartment of TransportationNocopy of 7460-1 to stateNo
Virginia Tech Transportation Infrastructure & Systems Engineering Division
VTAgency of TransportationNoState FormNo
WADepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
WIDepartment of TransportationYesCopy 7460-1 then state form upon request Yesover 150' or w/in 3 NM of airport
WVDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo
WYDepartment of TransportationNoNothingNo

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