September 2015 News

NFDC Update – The National Flight Center (NFDC) has finally updated their Special Procedures information page for August 2015. Special Procedures are “secret” instrument procedures built by or certified by the FAA for private use only. Information concerning there procedures is not available to the public. If a private owned, private use landing facility has a Special (secret) Procedure, the landing facility is protected as if it were a public use facility. The FAA has not updated the listing of secret procedures since January 2015. Verification of the data has identified many heliports with nonexistent identifiers. The assigned identifiers could not be verified on the FAA’s own website NFDC.FAA.GOV. In several cases way point data, necessary to define the Final Approach Segment, was not available. In other cases, the inbound heading was missing digits. A list of questionable finding has been submitted to the FAA for correction. They have acknowledged receipt of the inquiry, but have not established a resolution date.

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