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Federal Airways & Airspace believes its obstacle evaluation software and consulting services are the best in the world. Our focus is to provide quality and value in everything we do, which has remained unchanged since our founding in 1984. We have committed ourselves to developing the best obstacle evaluation software and providing the best consulting services. Our specialty is in interpreting and applying the complex rules and regulations of the FAA and ICAO for our clients.

The core values, expertise and passion of Federal Airways & Airspace has built itself a world renowned reputation for solving the most difficult aviation problems faced today. If you are competing for the limited resource we call "airspace", please give us a call. We can help you achieve your goals and guide you through the processes of understanding, procuring and maintaining your airspace rights.

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January 01, 2014

The Airspace OMS Data Distribution 2014.01 contains numerous enhancements to the Airspace and TERPS software primarily the height limitations within the expanded circling areas. Information about how to tell if the instrument procedure has an expanded circling area is discussed in detail.

 It is important to install the distribution disk as soon as possible.

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