May 2012 News

Terraserver Update – We regretfully report that Microsoft’s MSRMaps Server (formerly known as Terraserver) has closed its website. For the last 10 years, MSRMaps has provided its base “topographic maps” and black and white aerial photographs for the United States. On May 1st, 2012, this website went off the net. During this past 10 years Airspace Survey utilized these maps to provide geo-coded topographic maps free of charge. These images provided forensic evidence to unique conditions that existed in the past.

Terraserver was a key piece in the creation of Airspace® Survey software, so with a heavy heart that we must say good-bye to an excellent web service and our Airspace® Survey Software, in its current form. Until Airspace® Survey is reborn, we have provided a new interface for obtaining free topographic maps. The link is provided within Airspace® in the Analysis Module.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give our office a call at (321) 777-1266, or send us an email,, we would be happy to assist you.