November 2012 Revision

Airspace OMS Changes – There are no format changes in aviation data during this cycle. A feature within the Airspace Analysis Module has been added. The new feature has a new VFR Chart Icon and is shown below.

VFR Chart icon

The new icon will link to several aeronautical charts and show the location the specific point in the center of the image. This can assist in identifying Airways, Military Training Routes and VFR Flyways that may cause delays to your project. In your TERPS® software this same ability has been added to the “Study Point” window.

Alert! New Feature

A new structure type “Construction Crane” has also been added to the Airspace Analysis Module. Appropriate results specific to temporary construction cranes is now included within the Navigation Analysis Routines.

In addition, notice requirements for offset instrument approach procedures now reflect the MDA/ROC+ and not the ARP/100ft limit for notice requirements. Guidance provided by Spectrum Management for notice based upon Electromagnetic Effect with respect to potential impact to Air/Ground Communication facilities has been added.

The FAA requires notice to assure the ability of Air Traffic to communicate with aircraft will not be reduced. An analysis has been added to determine the potential impact from the following services:

1) Domestic Public Cellular Radio Service

2) Private Land Mobile Radio Service and

3) PCS

Airspace analysis is valid provided the ERP does not exceed 500 watts. AM/FM/TV stations are not included in the exemptions.

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