September 2012 Revision

New FAR Part 77 Discussion and Airspace OMS Changes

September’s data and software release has incorporated several new advancements in the Airspace® OMS software. Below you will find our discussion of the new advancements incorporated into the Airspace® software.

Considerable work was accomplished on the notice requirements based upon potential impact to Air Navigation Facilities. The FAA’s interpretation of Title 14, CFR Part 77.9 is directly related to changes in a Navaid radiated signal that an instrument procedure is built upon. If the Navaid signal changes the procedure changes, hence, notice requirements based upon IFR. The FAA’s NCT is very broad in its application while Airspace® bases its notice requirements upon siting criteria found in various FAA Facility Orders. This analysis was further refined and now includes the Localizer (LOC) component of an ILS instrument procedure. The specific path will remove the false requirements of the NCT based upon the Localizer Navaid.


The complete structure and information of the Navaid Database has been changed. Use of old data with the 2012.09 (September) release is not recommended and the software will not function properly. Please be sure to upgrade your data as soon as the distribution disc has been received.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give our office a call at (321) 777-1266, or send us an email,, we would be happy to assist you.